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So far, 2448 videos have been added to the database. In those videos Northernlion...

...picked up 67652 items

...fought 23224 bosses

...went through 22826 floors

...and played 2738 characters (of which he murdered 957)

...all that took him 64 days, 4 hours, 31 minutes and 42 seconds.

!! Big Thanks to our biggest Contributors !!

1: mbishop94479, 260 videos added
2: skorp129, 108 videos added
3: Franklin346, 95 videos added

Shoutouts to all the other big contributors:

ekozeko, Kirbylord, Absynthe, Boricua, Gaer, Goldsmith, ddmic94, amshegarh, khronos91,
lolsers, neriksson, dotzo, Lymerence, soryasou, sumathefox, mxdb, turtle328
The site would not look the same without your help

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Northernlion had...

Northernlion killed...

On an average episode, NL...


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